So what does happen when a sheet metal machine breaks down. One of the things we love doing at CMTS is helping our customers get out of a bind. So, when we hear of a sheet metal machine breaking down, we take it seriously. We understand the importance of keeping production going. A perfect example was when Mitcham Laser was made aware that their machine would be down for quite some time. They called us to let us know.  This machine had been working hard for over 20 years, but its time had come. Like all things, it has an end.

When production stops

Mitcham Laser has been delivering laser cutting and sheet metal services in Melbourne for over 13 years. They provide a comprehensive range of high-quality sheet metal fabrication solutions. But when a machine breaks down, they lose production. As we all know this has a follow-on effect on their customers especially if they are relying on a particular job. They wanted to get back and moving so they asked for something reliable that would last for another 20 years.

Just so happens we had one in our factory

One of the important things that we find is to have stock on our factory floor. So, when the call came, we suggested an urgent and reliable solution to get them back in production again. The Deratech Technica.

sheet metal machine break down

The Technica Press Brake

This is a precision CNC-controlled press brake with CNC Mechanical Crowning in a basic but very complete configuration. It has a high precision and fast clamping system. Tooling can be changed fast and easily, decreasing labour strength which means they can get more things done. A high precision and stable back gauge system unique double linear guide construction, to ensure excellent positioning accuracy. Design of multistage stops, to increase the Positioning Range.

Happy to say that the machine was set up in no time and Mitcham Laser was back in operation.

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