CMTS are the Australian Distributors for DERATECH Press Brake, Punch Presses, Shears & Fiber Lasers. DNE (Member of Bystronic) Fiber Laser. SCHRÖDER Folders and Shears, PEMSERTER & HAEGER Installation Equipment and PEM Fastener Products. BOLLHOFF Clinching Machines. COASTONE- Electric Press Brakes

DNE Laser – Member of Bystronic – High-Performance Industrial Laser Cutting

Our product portfolio is available to offer the most suitable and economical solutions for any of your sheet metal processing requirements. Providing the right choice for your needs.

We offer a one-stop service, includes machine tools, laser source, automatization devices, software, fast-responding, and comprehensive technical service.

CMTS is proud to announce the are now offering DNE (Member of Bystronic) Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Deratech Hydraulic Press Brakes, Shearing Machines, Fiber Lasers and Turret Punch Presses.

DERATECH is a dynamic manufacturer and a professional company in Sheet metal working machines. They specialise in the field of Hydraulic Press Brakes and Shearing Machines, also now manufacturing Fiber Lasers and Turret Punch Presses.  Committed to R & D, production and sales of Sheet Metal equipment.

DERATECH have established themselves in the market place by supplying high-quality machines that are competitive with attractive prices.

DERATECH along with CMTS SHEETMETAL MACHINES main aim is to provide excellence in sales and service. We strive to build upon a good reputation, which provides the key elements for guaranteed further recommendations.

Coastone Eelectric Press Brake Machines

COASTONE Eelectric Press Brake machines are all electric, servo-driven and built to run for decades in most demanding environments. CMTS Sheet Metal Machines offers the C-Series press brakes solution for bending all of your smaller parts. They operate with one or two ball screws providing accurate results easily and reliably. The G-Series press brake line for your bigger bending needs. They are the perfect answer when you require an accurate and constant angle over long bends. The Bull series is a solution when high tonnage is needed with superior accuracy.

Schroeder Group Folding Machines

Schroeder Group offers a comprehensive product range of Folding Machines. From the simple manual folding machine for craftsmen to motorised pivoting bending machines. To the fully-automated, computer-operated processing centre to meet the highest standards in industrial production. Our engineering experience – along with our durable and technically mature machine concepts – guarantee our users’ process stability and a high degree of efficiency in sheet-metal processing.

Bollhoff Clinch Systems

Bollhoff Clinch Systems have a large range of tooling and machines based on unique RIVCLINCH® (clinching) and TAGGER® (stitch-folding) joining techniques. Bollhoff has over 30 years of experience. Its engineering team is the pioneer in sheet metal assembly sectors throughout the world. Their capacity to offer solutions to a wide range of applications is renowned around the world. CMTS is a part of a network of highly qualified partners, distributors, and agents, strengthened by Swiss quality without compromise.

PEM® Brand Fasteners

PEM® brand Fasteners utilize self-clinching, broaching, flaring, surface mount, or weld technology. This provides strong, reusable, and permanent threads and mounting points in thin sheet metal or P.C. board materials and other ductile or non-ductile thin material.

PennEngineering innovative fastener insertion technology solutions

PennEngineering designed and built the first Pemserter automatic fastener installation press in the 1960’s which soon evolved to larger achievements.

In 2018 they have expanded with the acquisition of HAEGER. Now they offer the most complete line of presses and in-die installation systems to safely, reliably, accurately and quickly install the complete line of PEM Fasteners.

Haeger, a PennEngineering Company is the world leader in the development of innovative fastener insertion technology solutions.



Our main focus lies in recognising the individual requirements of our discerning customers so that we can always supply them with a suitable machine with high added value for their sheet metal processing tasks. You can be sure that you will not only save money with our top-quality machines, but also enjoy long-term success when processing sheet metal…





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