Looking for reliable press brake solution? Our cutting-edge DERATECH press brake machines offer precision bending ensuring seamless production. Whether you’re shaping metal sheets or crafting intricate components, our press brake technology delivers unmatched accuracy and efficiency. Explore our comprehensive range of press brake options designed to meet your specific manufacturing needs. Elevate your production capabilities with our innovative press brake solutions today.




ULTIMA is a CNC-controlled synchronized press-brake equipped with a multi-axis CNC-controller with angle programming possibilities, a CNC-controlled hydraulic crowning system and a fast and accurate backgauge on ballscrews.

It is equipped with 5 axis (Y1/Y2,X,R,V ) optional to 11 axis.  The high precision digital encoders at both side of the machine continuously measure the movement and position of the upper beam.  ESA 550 controls is a 2D/3d graphical windows-based controller with a 17” or optional 19” touch screen.

Heavily built, rigid, precision backgauge on ballscrews with linear guiding ensures fast and precise positioning.  Front support arms on a linear guide ensure optimum product support during bending.  High quality German hydraulic system with high-frequency positioning valves.  Smooth running of the machine is achieved with high-speed machine operation.


The Ultima Hybrid is a new generation of press brake, powered by AC servo motors and variable speed pumps. The Ultima Hybrid is a fast, precise, energy-saving and environmentally friendly state of the art press brake. The Ultima Hybrid can save up to 60% energy in contrast to a standard Ultima in the same execution, without losing any speed or production capacity. There will be only a little energy consumption when the machine is idle, only from the operator pushes the foot pedal.

As an option the Hybrid can be equipped with Z1-Z2, X3, X1-X2/R1-R2/Z1-Z2, CNC bending aid, automatic sheet thickness measuring, angle measuring… Invest in the future now.


ULTIMA-UAM Heavy Duty Press Brake has P1P2 Servo controlled table, making it easy to complete small bends, using different V-openings in a die. Accurate positioning and reduced tool changes.

lf you need more product information on this machine please contact us.  The ULTIMA-UAM Press Brakes can be built up to 1500 tonne pressing force based on customer request.


TECHNICA is a CNC-controlled Press Brake with crowning in a basic but very complete configuration, equipped with 4 CNC controlled axis ( Y1, Y2, X, V )

TECHNICA offers the user a heavily built, reliable, precision CNC press brake at an economical price.

The high precision digital encoders at both sides of the machine continuously measure the movement and position of the upper beam ( axis Y1 -Y2)
The data is processed and monitored by the CNC controller which controls the hydraulic valves.


The MiniBend is a single-cylinder hydraulic Press Brake 35t / 1050 Back gauge X/R is CNC controlled and manual finger adjustment. Std ESA 530 control can be upgraded to an ESA 550 control  2D/3D graphical-based with a 17” or 19” screen

The MiniBend is a good example of efficient interaction between operator and machine. By proving the best working conditions to the operator and creating a user-friendly environment, this will result in outstanding productivity at every stage of the job.

Green technology, Energy saving System


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