CNC hydraulic shears with oscillating knife beam are sound, heavily built machines.

Design and construction guarantee reliable functioning, precise cutting results and a long life span with little maintenance.

The oscillating knife beam and the resulting clearance extend the longevity of the knives.

The extremely small cutting angle minimizes the distortion when cutting both thin and thick plate material.

Unique structure design for the hold-down cylinders: a special built-in spring structure with high quality inserts to avoid markings on sensitive materials that needs to be cut.

Available with D-Touch 15” Touch Screen controller.


Varia, CNC hydraulic shears with variable cutting angle are sound, heavily built machines.

Design and construction guarantee reliable functioning, precise cutting results and a long lifespan with little maintenance.

The standard CNC control automatically adjusts the cutting angle and blade gap according to the type of material and material thickness. In comparison to all other machine brands, the Deratech VARIA shear is the one with the smallest cutting angle, reducing the distortion when cutting thin and thick plate to an absolute minimum.

Available with D-Touch 15” Touch Screen controller.


The hydraulic shear PowerShear Professional is the industrial solution in order to cut loads of big sheets at high speed. The robust and precise machine is ideal for continuous operation in workshops, mid-sized companies and the industry.


The hydraulic shear PowerShear Universal is the versatile solution for sheet metal working in locksmith’s and repair shops. Thanks to its high cutting speed this machine makes your work much more efficient and time-saving.


The hydraulic shear PowerShear Basic is the simplified solution for sheet metal working in handicraft businesses. It already offers an excellent foundation for sheet metal working in its standard configuration.


This motorized shear is the entry model amongst our power-operated guillotines: small and compact. Thanks to a variety of equipment options this machine is suitable for many specific cutting tasks.


The motorized shear PDC is a reinforced version of the MHSU. With more power through a robust design and a Duo-Cut drive on both sides.


The basis of the accuracy. The heavy-duty guillotine 527 meets the requirements of the demanding craftsman but can also cope with the constant load of daily industrial practice.


The power-operated guillotine type PDC NC is based on the PDC. It features adjustable blade gap adjustment, extensive standard equipment and an attractive design, which means a significant upgrade of the PDC. What you get here is top technology and top design for the demanding user.


The hand-operated guillotine type HS is a basic machine suitable even for the smallest sheet-metal-workshop. The excenter sheet shears are used for nearly all cutting problems. Ridge-free, distortion-free and nearly powerless cutting are the typical characteristics of these excenter sheet shears.


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