DERATECH Technica Press Brake Machine

Here’s an account of TruFlow’s experience with the install of a DERATECH Technica Press Brake Machine

TruFlow is an Australian designer, manufacturer, and installer of industrial and commercial spray booth products. Their Spray Booths are installed Australia wide in a variety of industries including Aviation, Automotive repair, Industrial painting, Commercial Trucking, and Cabinet Making. Since their humble beginnings almost 20 years ago with only 2 staff members, they have grown to 40 plus workers Australia wide by manufacturing unique custom-made spray booths.

Due to a growing business, they needed to increase their capacity by purchasing an extra Press Brake. After much consideration, they chose to buy a DERATECH Press Brake Machine from CMTS. We decided to ask Anton Pirie – TruFlow’s Director a few questions about his experience.

Deratech Technica Press Brake Machine

Why did you need the new machine?

We had an old second hand 3.2 metre press brake that we had purchased through CMTS about 10 years ago and although it was still running well it wasn’t keeping up with our production. Neither was the additional 5m press break machine which is about 40 years old now, so we understood that we needed to update our press brake technology.

What does the new machine do for your business?

The Press Brake Machines are a major piece of our production, they run all day every day. They are a major part of the manufacture of our roof and wall packs for our spray booths and burner boxes.

How important are the press brakes to your business?

Very important! We purchased a DERATECH TECHNICA 250-ton x 6100mm with two (2) CNC Front Sheet Supports. Both machines are 95% of our business. This is why it is so important to get the right machine from the right company. If something goes wrong, it will have a drastic effect on our production.

How is the DERATECH Technica press brake machine?

It’s brilliant, is so simple to work with. We had just put on a new operator it normally takes a while for a new operator to get up to speed. The DERATECH Technica Press Brake Machine is so easy to use it is like the operator has been doing it for years. The software is so simple that if you can draw the folds with your finger insert the sizes required then you are good to go. It’s just that easy to deal with. This is so important to us because the new operator is now running the machine like a pro and that helps production levels.

Why did you choose CMTS?

We had about 6 different companies who gave us quotes. When Michael came in there was a difference about him. He was honest and to the point, he told me exactly how it is, that enabled me to trust him. He even talked about competitor products in high regard and I liked that. I liked the way he approached things. He didn’t talk down his competitors and just told me the facts about the DERATECH machine and everything I needed to know.

How was your experience with CMTS?

It was great. Michael kept us updated all the way through the process. When the machine was installed, they were fantastic so helpful. He came in and gave my team all the training we needed. He even came back to deliver extra training when we asked. He knew that this installation was important to us and treated it with the respect it needed. I’ve had machines installed before and sometimes it can take months to get it operational, but with CMTS it only took a short time and we were up and running. They are such good people to deal with if more people were like them the world would be a better place.


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