Discover our new generation of high efficiency and low consumption servo-electric punching machines, fully automated and adaptable to any production need.

The Easy Turret system by Danobat makes the access and tool changing easier, reducing set up times and making them more confortable. In addition, it enables each tool within the Multi-Tool to become indexable.

Danobat has developed a technically advanced, yet user friendly product, offering easier maintenance through the implementation of our new Smart Tech software. This device makes interpretation of the messages by the customer easier, at the same time that offers a direct comunication with Danobat headquarters.

Designed with a modular concept Danobat punching machines offer a great variety of standard and optional features, as well as complete automation solutions.

shear punch machine cmts danobat cupra


The CHROMA is the star of our punching machines range, with high degree of productivity and accuracy as well as low energy and maintenance cost. All the benefits of versatile, servo electric punching technology are now within easy reach.

shear punch machine cmts danobat cupra

IRON Punching Machines

The IRON is the entry-level model of Danobat punching machine’s range but still has most of the capabilities and benefits of the more advanced models.

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