Deratech – Supera Fiber Laser
Is a double drive gantry type flying optics laser cutting machine. It is designed to offer high dynamics during high speed cutting of thin materials while having all the technology and know-how on board to produce stable and consistent parts in thicker material. The machine can cut the sheets on two different height levels inside the machine, this allow the automatic shuttle table system to change very fast between tables since the tables do not need to make any vertical movement.
– XXL Cutting size available up to 12m long and 3 wide
– available from 1kW – 12kW in IPG or Precitec Laser source
– Precitec cutting head ( pro or light cutter)
– LTi Controller
– 23” CNC Control with user friendly HNI
Standard size:

3015 – 1500 x 3000mm

4020 – 2000 x 4000mm

6025 – 2500 x 6000mm

Laser Cutting Machines

Supera Fiber Laser

  • Compact Dimensions
  • Low Consumption
  • High Speed
  • Best Accuracy
Laser Cutting Machines

Futura Fiber Laser

  • More Speed
  • Great Versatility
  • Strong Structure
  • Best Accuracy
Laser Cutting Machines


The DANOBAT laser cutting machine is based on fiber technology. This technology greatly minimizes production costs by reducing energy consumption. It also drastically reduces fixed maintenance costs and the cost of consumables.  These machines are highly flexible and easy to automate using storage, loading and unloading systems.

Laser Cutting Machines


DANOBAT´s IRIS fiber laser cutting machine is a high-performance machine with the following stand-out features:

  • Fast cutting and piercing speeds thanks to the high-density beam generated by this solid-state laser.
  • High cutting and positioning accelerations thanks to machine cinematics based on linear motors.
  • Minimum down-times thanks to automatic table change
  • Simple, compact layout. The use of optical fiber simplifies the machine architecture, as the beam is conducted via a cable.

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