The ultimate expression of the efficency of our machines. We combine different processes in one single system. Discover our combination machines: punch-shear (CUPRA) and punch-laser (SILVER).


The DANOBAT CUPRA Punch + Shear combination machine is the perfect system for rectangular parts and high production volumes, thanks to the integration of punching and shearing processes in a single system.

On average, the CUPRA punch + Shear combination can reduce total manufacturing time by 60 percent and decrease material usage. The machine eliminates wasteful skeletons and costly secondary operations such as deburring, and avoids the need to nibble part edges.

Some of the advantages offered by this combination of Punching and Shearing operations are the reduction of set-up times, greater material use and low energy consumption, thanks to the SAVE ENERGY system developed by DANOBAT, up to 60 percent power consumption reductions can be achieved.

  • Savings in raw material
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Faster return on investment
  • No skeletons, less punching scrap – savings in raw material
  • No nibble marks
  • Shearing saves punching tools = fewer hits, less wear = faster production and parts flow
  • Flexible automated fabrication

The objective of the punch + shear concept is to provide a single machine capable of transforming a full-sized sheet into finished parts. As loading, punching and shearing of parts become automated, the result is finished parts with a dramatic reduction in scrap and manual labour. In principle, the Punch + Shear allow the automated process to begin with a full-sized sheet of material and end with finished parts after automated loading, punching, forming, shearing, and unloading.

The combination Punch + Shear can perform the most demanding jobs with minimal setup times and provide lights-out operation. These systems also can decrease material waste through nesting programs. The level of automation can be customized through the manufacturer’s modular systems for raw material storage, loading, unloading, sorting, and stacking. In many cases, these features also can be added later as budgets allow and production demands increase.

When it comes to making rectangular parts for products like electrical enclosures, telecom data centres and cabinets, the punch combined with the right-angle shear has the highest level of productivity. The finished parts are separated from the sheet in seconds.

When you combine the punching and shearing in one piece of equipment you get reduce the time spent manhandling the material to take it from one process to another. Production is faster with one setup, and the piece part cost is lower. Every time you pick up material it costs you money.

cupra danobat shear cmts punch machine


DANOBAT, in its aim to reach excellence in productivity, has gone a step forward with the development of its new punch+shear combination machine. CUPRA is the result of integrating a fully servo-electric right angle shear to our top range punching machine.


SILVER punch-laser machine combines a last generation punching machine and an integrated fiber laser in a fully servo-electric system.

The optic fiber source has a high energy efficency, offering lower power consumption, lower maintenance requirements and subsequent lower cost per part.

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