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The type UltimaMINIBEND is a CNC-controlled hydraulic Press Brake with digital linear scale for depth control Y1 for the 35ton, with a ESA 530 2D graphic multiple-axes controller with automatic bending sequence calculation and CNC controlled backgauge X/R.

CNC Controlled Hydraulic Pressbrake Ultima MiniBend

• Y1, X and R
• ESA 550, 2D Graphical controller, Touch 15’’ Screen- Windows
• Backgauge X / R on Ball Screws + Linear Guides
• Single Cylinder with Y axis Linear Scale Measurement
• Euro Style top and Bottom Clamping
• Safety light Guard Lazersafe with PCSS controller with CE
• Offline Software 2D
• Moveable Control Panel


• Euro style clamping system for upper tool with crowning wedges
• Euro style die clamping system
• Hardened and ground Standard upper tool, reference P.97-85-R08,
• Hardened and ground Standard multi-V die, reference M460-R

Technical Specifications

• Bending length 1050mm
• Tonnage 35 Ton
• Distance between housings 900mm
• Throat Gap 200mm
• Daylight opening 470mm
• Stroke 160mm
• Approaching Speed 200mm/sec
• Bending Speed 10 mm/sec
• Return Speed 150mm/sec
• Motor 4.0 kW
• Length 1650mm
• Width 1550mm
• Height 2510mm
• Weight 2750Kg

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