The PEMSERTER® Series 4® press with automatic feed provides 6 tons of force and has a 45.7 cm / 18” throat depth
which provides clearance for a variety of chassis configurations. It is designed to install self-clinching nuts, studs, and
standoffs in sizes M2.5 to M6 / #2-56 to 1/4”.


  • Pneumatic power for speed, consistency, and
    simple operation.
  • Uses same tooling as the Series 2000® and
    Series 3000™ presses.
  • Automatically installs nuts, studs, and standoffs
    from M2.5 to M6 / #2-56 to 1/4”.
  • Touch-screen for operator friendly operation.
  • High capacity feeder bowl.
  • Integral point-of-operation safety.
  • Insertion force adjustable from 1.8 to 53.4 kN /400 to 12,000 lbs.
  • Laser pointer, stroke counter, and lockable.


PEMSERTER® Series 4® Automatic Feed Press
The PEMSERTER® Series 4® automatic feed press introduces a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for installing self-clinching fasteners quickly and reliably. The automatic feed technology facilitates easy operation and accurate fastener insertions. This latest addition to the extensive line of PEMSERTER equipment provides a practical alternative to more complex and more costly fastener-installation press systems.

The PEMSERTER Series 4 automatic press delivers adjustable insertion force from 1.8 kN to 53.4 kN / 400 lbs. to 6 tons and features 45.7 cm / 18” throat depth providing clearance for a wide variety of chassis configurations. The press is designed to install self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs in sizes M2.5 to M6 / #2-56 to ¼”.
The press is pneumatically powered for speed, consistency, and simple operation; features an onboard Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), operator-friendly touch screen, and vibratory fastener feeder bowl; and integrates a built-in point-of-operation safety for increased operator confidence and overall system integrity. The press also utilizes tooling components from other PEMSERTER automatic presses.

Other standard features include laser pointer, stroke counter, and lockable cabinet for storage of tools and accessories. Available options include specialized tooling.

Detailed specifications can be found online in Bulletin PS4AF.
Click here to view operational video.

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