ULTIMA is a cnc-controlled synchronized press-brake equipped with a multi-axis CNC-controller with angle programming possibilities, a cnc-controlled hydraulic crowning system and a fast and accurate backgauge on ballscrews.

The disadvantages from a conventional press-brake as there are the searching for the correct depth-setting and crowning adjustments are entirely managed through the cnc-control. As thus you can obtain an accurate bending result in a very fast and still easy way.

As no more manual settings have to be done, the ULTIMA is the ideal machine for single-piece production and small batches.

The ULTIMA Plus machine is furthermore equipped with a 2D graphical controller (Windows) and a 2-axis X/R backgauge. Searching for the right, optimised bending sequence, taking any possible collisions and tools being used into account, the (possible) lack of experience from the operator, … all is managed by the cnc-control.

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