MAK4 EVOLUTIONI Folding Machine

The MAK 4 Evolution is the universal folding machine for complex tasks involving industrial sheet metal forming. Features like precise linear drives, graphical programming, and an automatic tool changer make this member of the new Evolution series powerful, precise, and extremely efficient.

  • POS 3000 3-D Graphic Control
  • Positioning gauge 10 – 1700 mm, U-shape with 2 sectors, (850 mm/ 1700 mm) panel for individual positioning of control, pneumatic pop-up gauge fingers, steel balls in sheet support table. Lateral angle gauge 1500 mm rigth and left side.
  • Clamping beam opening 850 mm
  • Clamping beam geometry 60°
  • Clamping beam clamping device: Hydraulic tool clamping device
  • Standard machine without tools
  • Motorized folding beam adjustment
  • Folding centre adjustment
  • Central crowning device, manual
  • Footswitch on rail for lateral movement
  • Protection via light curtain controlled by safety-PLC for operation from the front.

CMTS are the Australian Distributors’ for SCHRODER-FASTI Sheetmetal Products.

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