Folding Machine

MAK4 EVOLUTION UD Folding Machine

The MAK 4 Evolution UD is the universal folding machine for complex tasks involving industrial sheet metal forming. The Up-and-Down technology of its folding beam allows more processing steps in shorter times and minimizes handling costs.

  • POS 3000 3-D Graphic Control
  • Up’n Down folding beam automatically controlled by POS 3000
  • Clamping beam opening 850 mm
  • Clamping beam geometry 180°
  • Clamping beam clamping device: Hydraulic tool clamping device
  • Standard machine without tools
  • Folding centre adjustment
  • Central crowning device, manual
  • Positioning gauge 10 – 3400 mm or 10 – 4250 mm, U-shape with sectors, panel for individual positioning of control, pneumatic pop-up gauge fingers, steel balls in sheet support table. Lateral angle gauge 1500 mm rigth and left side. The segmented support plates can be removed to make room for downflange applications.
  • Protection via light curtain controlled by safety-PLC for operation from the rear.
  • Footswitch

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