MAK VS Folding Machine

The motorized segment folding machine MAKV S with patented quick clamping device.

  • Patented quick clamping device with eccentric
    for quick changing of clamping and folding beam tools
    Positioning control “nano Touch” to control the folding and clamping beams,
    9999 saving points for bending programs featuring up to 99 bends each,
    5,7 ? Touch screen on swiveling panel, chain dimension, special marking pre stop,
    path measurement system, axis correction for each set
  • Segmented bottom beam blade clearance 55 mm, incl. corner parts
  • Segmented folding blade 20 mm incl. corner parts, clearance 68 mm
  • Gat’s foot blade 130 mm high, 30°, segmented, incl. corner parts,
  • foot width 39, material strength 700 N/mm²
  • Segmentation of tools for 1000 mm: 30/40/50/55/60/65/70/100/2x 200 mm
    2x 75 mm corner parts plus 500 mm segments for larger lengths
  • Supporting table 750 mm
  • Manual folding beam adjustment 15 mm
  • 45° clamping beam
  • Piece counter
  • Footswitch
  • Anchor plates incl. Dowels

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