MAK V Folding Machine

The smallest of our Powered Folders: fast and solid.

  • Positioning control “nano Touch” to control the folding and clamping beams,
    9999 saving points for bending programs featuring up to 99 bends each,
    5,7 ? Touch screen on swiveling panel, chain dimension, special marking pre stop,
    path measurement system, axis correction for each set
  • Folding blades 10 and 25 mm (from MAKV 3000 15 and 25 mm)
  • Sharp-nose tool 30°, sharp
  • Manual folding beam adjustment45° clamping beam 50 mm free space
  • Piece counter
  • Footswitch
  • Anchor plates incl. Dowels

CMTS are the Australian Distributors’ for SCHRODER-FASTI Sheetmetal Products.

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