ASK II Folding Machine

The ASK II offers the same features as ASK, but sturdier in desing for a higher bending capacity. 2-stage adjustable via stop cam as standard.

  • Patented quick clamping device with eccentric
    for quick changing of clamping and folding beam tools
  • Segmented folding blade 15 mm incl. corner parts
  • Segmented bottom beam blade with corner parts
  • Goat’s foot blade 130 mm high, 30°, segmented, incl. corner parts,
    foot width 35 mm, material strength 700 N/mm²
  • Segmentation of tools for 1,000 mm: 30/50/70/75/75/100/150/200/300 mm
    plus 500 mm segments for larger lengths
  • Angle gauge
  • Pedal for opening and closing of clamping beam
  • Two-stage clamping beam drive for two different tool heights

CMTS are the Australian Distributors’ for SCHRODER-FASTI Sheetmetal Products.

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