cupra danobat shear cmts punch machine


DANOBAT in its aim to reach excellence in productivity, has gone a step forward with the development of its new punch+shear combination machine. CUPRA is the result of integrating a fully servo-electric right angle shear to our top range punching machine.

This integration of punching and shearing processes permits to start with raw material and obtain finished part in a single system, thus reducing maturation period and improving material flow.

The right angle shear is driven by a servo-electric motor, which reaches high cutting rates. It is perfectly complemented by the EASY TURRET system and all other benefits included in DANOBAT punching machines, which makes CUPRA the perfect solution to meet the most demanding production requirements.

Thanks to the automatic blade clearance regulation, set-up times are minimized.

The machine disposes of the SAVE ENERGY system developed by DANOBAT, up to 60% power consumption reductions are achieved.

The CUPRA model also enables greater material use due to a better scrap management.

Its offered in two sizes depending on the axis travel: CUPRA 30 and CUPRA 40. Both choices can be configured with many options according to the customer’s requirements..



CMTS are the Australian Distributors’ for DANOBAT Sheetmetal Products.

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